Planting eyelashes

First of all, you need to know what exactly is the extension of the eyelash. Extension of eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that are attached individually to your natural eyelashes to improve the thickness, length and color of your eyelashes. These extensions are made of synthetic materials such as sable hair, silk or even human hair. The use of artificial eyelashes is not new, but the difference between old and new techniques is that today, artificial eyelashes stick to your eyelashes instead of the eyelids, so they will create a glamorous look.

The use of artificial eyelashes is the easiest and easiest way to rejuvenate eyelashes that is accessible to all. The extension of the eyelid makes you fantastic. You can use artificial eyelashes in each of your eyes, but instead of using synthetic eyelashes, you can use eyelashes because the eyelashes that are used are clearly recognizable with a simple look, but when you extend your eyelash, It's not easy to distinguish and does not differ much from your eyelashes. These artificial eyelashes usually last between 2 and 4 weeks, and if left exceptionally, they will last for 6 weeks.
The result you see with extensions is far higher and better than synthetic eyelashes, and the longer the extension is longer and the longer it stays on your eyelashes. Even if you want to use extensions other than black and glossy and colorful extras, our experts are at your service.
In the beauty salon of the Gandom bride, a variety of glues of the best ingredients are used, depending on the sensitivity of the person you are looking for so as not to harm your eyes. The beauty salon of Gisandom  ready to provide a variety of eyelash extension services with the latest and most reliable methods, with experienced staff and a fully hygienic environment.


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