Dear ladies of any size and volume of hair you can confidently get to us, in the form of your favorite Shinnyon.
The professional team of Gandom beauty salon, according to your taste and using your science and experience and using the latest models, is ready to provide services to your loved ones.
Our colleagues in the beauty salon of Gandom with a variety of new European and Hollywood models, a variety of hair texture tailored to the shape and form of your face, using a variety of decorative beads and ... try to provide the best service.
No longer have to worry about the short or short hair of your hair. Just choose the model you want and trust our experts in texture and shine to express your beauty.

Types of Texture
Simple hair texture: The same is the tufted texture that comes to the minds of all girls and women when we use the word texture.
The same simple texture is divided into two types of simple texture and simple texture from below.
French hair texture: The same hair texture is simple, but not only the end portion (the ponytail of hair) but also the front of the hair layer on the head (woven from the front) and the same end of the tissue as the simple texture. .
Dutch hair texture: It's exactly like the French hair texture, with the difference that the texture on the head is textured from below.
Hollywood hair texture: a combination of hair texture and work with the device. For example, the upper part of the hair has a texture and the rest of the hair is shuffled and finally the hair is lowered to the outside with the device.
Hart's hair texture: In this type of texture, only the hair of the upper part of the head is woven. The hair texture is heart shaped.
Hair Layer: A tissue that will open your hair and be glued to the end of the hair.
Tissot's hair texture is like a hair liner, except that the two rows of tissue on the head are spaced 10 to 15 centimeters in front.
Hair texture: As in the French hair texture, instead of the vertical texture of the head, a horizontal texture is presented in the front of the head.
Quadrilateral hair texture, five is like a triple texture, but with four or five branches of hair that needs to be more skilled and more beautiful to the tissue.
Hair Razor Hair or Wicker: In this type of tissue, two hair types are used. The razor fabric is very beautiful and popular, and is used most for the hairs (horsetail).
Rope or Spirits: This type of texture also consists of two strands of hair and gives you a beautiful look to your long hair.

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