These days, haircutting is an art, and anyone, even if not skilled enough, can recognize the difference between a good shortening from a bad one. Most women are extremely sensitive to their hair and are not willing to even shorten their hair a couple, so they prefer to go to a safe hairdresser, but choosing the right model is sometimes difficult. Each model comes in a special way, and on the other hand, a model that is suitable for smooth hair, it's definitely not so beautiful for hair curls. If you know what a model is suitable for your hair and face, your job is easy and you will be more likely to be more productive.

For most women, short hair and model selection are one of the hardest things, such as very short or short hair in the hot months, but you might think of other models or even want to cut just a few centimeters of your hair. In any case, for hair loss, there are tips you should be aware of. In order to make your appearance change, the best and fastest way to go to the hairdresser is to change your hairstyle. We will offer you the best models in the form of the Gandom according to your face shape.
The experts in the beauty and educational complex of Gandom are ready to provide the best service to you by the well-known customers by knowing the facial shapes.
Short hair is done in both wet and dry conditions. The wet hair is the same way that we all used it. That is, first, soak the hair with water and then cut the hair. But in the short dryness of the hair, first, the hair is brushed off and then a short hair is done.

The experts in the beauty salon of Gandom, with the knowledge of all these topics, put their taste and customer's opinion in the first place, and according to you and using their science and experience, they are ready to provide customer service.

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