Nail planting

Beautiful manicure and pedicure without compromising your drapery texture, with special design and jeweled oils and all kinds of designer designs for your nail design, along with a sleek and beautiful gel.

Finger Planting: Manicure done Antifungal Typing We stick to the brush line, we cut and primer, then we make it, then we cut the material, then with polish

Jelly Planting: The first gel or rinse gel can be made up to three times. Next, we will remove the nocci with a clinzer. Next, we release the second gel or loose gel. We reconnect the Nichi device with a clinzer, then let's go through the inside of the device next.

Peach planting: It is done like a mother planting but with peachy powder.

BIBI BOMER: Manicure. Then, Brigade or Formicom Mychischine. We remove the line of Brigade. After line on the line, we make the gypsum powder firmly on the line. Then, on the nail head, we cut the peanut powder tightly from the bottom of the nail to the part where the gypsum powder We cut and shave on the gypsum powder part, and in the end of Claire we spit and polish buffer ...

STAND GLASS: Manicure we make antifungal, we stick the type, or remove the form of the line of the brig and apply the primer, and from the bottom to the smiley line or ..., and we design the lower part of the nail, we design it with Aclorer or ... and Claire and Sohan Buffing and polishing

FULL GLASS: Mangrove and antifungal. We mix the type or form. We remove the line. Brush the primer and mix it with lycopod and ore, or any other design with Claire. In the end, we place Clare powder in a glass, then drill and Polishing Buffer

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