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You share your life on a particular day with a specific person soon. Every wedding wants to experience the best appearance and feel on this day. If you are looking elegant and perfect in the best of your day, we will help you turn your dream into reality. Specializes in the beauty of Gandom artisans, balancing the face while maintaining the original shape of your face. Give us the opportunity to make the most beautiful face for the most beautiful bride with a commitment and promise in a relaxed and stress-free environment.


Bridal services

Special Bridal Package for VIP and Lacquer for the Gandom Halls, which includes the dispatch of a professional Maxip and Shinion team together with women's bride in Tehran and cities which are the bride's choice of women. The special wedding package for Gandom saloon is very exceptional and at the lowest prices. In the welfare of the bride of dear women is planned. Dear ladies' bride, in the presence of the Gandom saloon, they will visit the artisans of the hall, and by choosing their own make-up artist and package type, a clear contract will be closed to them. 10 days before the ceremony, the women's bride will be contacted and the day of counseling will be determined. On the day the advice will be made, the artist will hear their professional tastes and advice, and finally the day will be celebrated and the women's bride shinion will be in front of the mirror. The brides are checked. Also, due to the fact that Artist and Shinion are working on the spot, they are not concerned about timing and timely preparation for the bride of women. One of the important concerns of women's brides is the durability and stability of the makeup, which we guarantee in this regard.

Bridal services in the beauty salon of Gandom include makeup and makeup, shinon, hair dyeing, hair extensions, skin cleansing, nail care, body waxing, waxing, etc., which will vary depending on the package you choose. Here are some of these to help you get familiar with these services:

Makeup and bridal makeup

In the bride's bride, while recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the face, the facial beauty has been highlighted and the imperfections have been eliminated, with a balanced makeup, the beauty of the face multiplied. Make up our professional artists with pleasure and patience while taking into account the latest cosmetic methods and using the best brands of the world, tailored to your facial features, will create a dreamy and special face for you. Do not forget the usual makeup of the face with the bride makeup is so different.



Shinion is one of the most artistic models of hairdressing; Shinwin means stacking and stacking hair behind the neck in a variety of shapes. This technique must be very artistic and requires much expertise and experience. In fact, Shinon Hair's beautiful effects depend on the creativity, taste and taste of a professional hairdresser. The experienced staff of the beauty salon of Gandom, with a wealth of experience with Shinion and using the authentic European and Canadian products, will eliminate your worries about the deterioration of your hair on this particular day of life.


Extension of hair (extra hair)

Hair extensions are referred to as hair extensions in the form of natural or artificial hair straps. Hair extensions include types such as laser extensions, extensions, extensions of tissues, extensions with rims and extensions of raffles. These methods are used to show hair hairs or to loosen the hair. Also, using different colors of hair color, they can be used as mesh or highlighter. If the hair has a good sex and is added by a professional in natural hair extensions, it will be completely mixed with natural hair and can not be detected. Give your hair extensions an extension to benefit from it!


Facial cleansing

Having a brilliant, brilliant face on a wedding is very important. Therefore, all women wish to have their skin problems, such as acne, boils, skin lesions, etc., before their wedding, in order to have a brilliant, beautiful skin on this day. Also, the beauty and refinement of the skin in the makeup is very important. In fact, the makeup is able to cover only a fraction of the facial imperfections, while skin cleansing can largely solve these skin problems. In skin cleansing, we target things such as dead skin cells, blackheads, and lipids caused by contaminations.


nail services

Repairing nail polish with the best of materials, pedicure and nail manicure (removing excess fingernails and removing nose shells and jaws) is one of the best-looking services for bridal appearances in this hall. .


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