About Gandom academy

About Us

Experience, expertise and taste are the main pillars of providing the Gandom academy services. Our main goal is to make our customers, with ease of rest and tranquility, better their Goddess of beauty.

Our team values ​​are customer-centric, respectful, transparent, accountable and committed to social responsibility and teamwork; as well as offering the best quality service in the shortest time, commitment and dedication to all members of the Gandom beauty and educational complex.

Currently, the Gandom beauty and educational complex, with its professional and professional instructors, world-renowned knowledge and international techniques, is proud to offer the highest level of service tailored to the taste and needs of women in Iran.

Features of the beauty and educational complex of wheat

 - Compliance with health standards
 - Use the best and most quality cosmetic products
 - Take advantage of the latest methods in the world
 - Collaboration with professional and experienced people
 - The most complete VIP bridal services, makeup and specialty makeup
 - Separate bridal unit for comfort and quality of service
 - Creating a quiet and beautiful environment for our dear customers

Why Choose Us

We are providing service more then 20 years in the market. We make the most of all our customers.

Professional Beautician
100% Natural Products
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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10am - 10pm

Saturday to Sunday

09am - 11pm